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May 16

Sheila and myself recently took a weekend workshop on Shiatsu Massage, as we are always open to enhancing our massage skills. I found it very interesting and helpful to gain a deeper understanding of a traditional way of healing.

Shiatsu is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that originated in China at about 530 BC, this style of healing was first brought to Japan by Tokujio Namikoshi. His keen interest in understanding the human body, motivated him to develop a system of thumb pressure techniques he called Shiatsu, it literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese. Shiatsu as a therapy was recognized in 1957 and fully promoted, regulated and integrated into the Japanese Health Care System. Shiatsu is designed to heal and promote health by influencing and improving the state of Ki (energy) in the body. In Oriental medicine, harmony of Ki within the human body is conceived as being essential to health.

I also believe all human beings need to be aware of their energy levels, if one does not take care and keep energy levels high, stagnation takes place. During my practice as an RMT I have realized that we are all energy beings and we must be open to feeling energy and and keeping our energy strong. I feel very blessed to have a job where I can connect on an energetic level with my patients, and share my energy. Breathe deeply, stay calm and strong!


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-Jessica Schnell

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